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Ballroom: The American W’Horror Story Kiki Ball

IT’S A SPOOKY SEASON FOR A SPOOKY SET! UK Father Shae Juicy Couture and Vixen Juicy Couture invite you to join them this October for The American W’Horror Story Kiki Ball.

All the categories are inspired by American Horror Story (AHS) so show us why you’re the spookiest girl in London!

Ballroom is a culture and community originated in the 1980s in New York City. Ballroom was created as a safe space for black and Latino LBGTQIA youth and adults who were facing discrimination in many aspects of life. A ‘ball’ is a competition we’re members of the ballroom community compete for their houses for trophies, cash and reputation. If you are new to Ballroom and ‘Balls’ and want to walk a category please research Ballroom and the categories before stepping to the back to the runway.

Those who wish to walk the ball, please email houseofjuicycoutureuk@gmail.com for Walker’s tickets separately! Anyone is welcome to participate, but if you’re new to Ballroom culture and want to walk any category, why not do some research, and find out what each category is about before you step to the floor?

Visit the event’s official website here: https://awhsb.schorliee.com/


OTA Realness: Hello Mr.President
Cult alludes to the aftermath of the 2016 presidential elections that saw Donald Trump (scarily) take the Oval Office. Bring it in your best executive look – like you are running for President.

OTA Face : Voodoo Queen
In a classic cheetah print and a veil, reveal to us why you’re the most beautiful priest of them all and demonstrate the art of selling face.

OTA Fashion Killa- Character of the Season
AHS has been able to depict different eras and the fashion trends pertaining to them. Pick a character of your choice from any AHS season, and bring it in a look inspired by your chosen character – this look must be ELEVATED. The judges will be looking for how well your look not only resembles but emboldens your
character. (Reference pictures are a must)

OTA Runway (EU & AA)- The 80’s
AHS 1984, is set in the 80’s where printed t-shirts, leggings and padded shoulders could be seen in every magazine. Bring it to the runway in an 80s inspired look with a frightening twist that will make us gasp (Reference pictures are a must).

OTA Old Way v New Way- Camp Redwood
You ready to go camping?! 1984 is all about what can possibly happen at summer camp. Bring it in a camper- look like you are ready to earn another badge of honour.

OTA Sex Siren – The Rubber (Wo)Man
Fetishes are a huge aspect of American Horror Story and a recurring theme is BDSM and Latex. Bring it in a sexy latex piece and sell us sex appeal like its our last day on earth.

OTA Baby Vogue- Kai Anderson
Every cult has a leader and this leader is one to be feared. Kai Anderson wanted to cause nothing but chaos and he cannot be missed with his electric blue hair. In all blue look, show us why we should be scared when you hit the floor (shoes excluded)

OTA Performance- Supreme Witch (VF, Old Way & New Way)
The Supreme Witch is the living embodiment of magic and therefore the master of their abilities. In an all black look, bring it as the Supreme Witch and show us that you are the master of the five elements. Don’t forget your black hat.

OTA Hands Performance v Arms Control- The Countess
At Hotel Cortez, The Countess is a breathtaking vision with a deadly side especially with her murderous glove. Wearing a sequined glove show us why your story telling is murderous!

OTA Vogue Pot – Welcome to the Freak Show 

When the circus is in town so are the FREAKS! From contortionists, to bearded ladies. Each member of the Freak Show have special and unique characteristics. Bring it in a look inspired by AHS Freak Show – with a cunty twist.

Production As A House
As a House, create a production inspired by one of the following seasons of AHS:
Murder House
Freak Show

OTA Best Dressed Spectator – Spooky Szn is Upon Us 

Come in your best look and remind us why it’s spooky szn

Ballroom acronyms:
BQ – Butch Queen
FF – Female Figure
OTA – Open to all
RWT – Realness with a Twist
VF – Vogue Femme
FQ – Femme Queen

Doors open for walkers at 6pm
Doors open for public at 7pm
LSS will start at 8pm

Tickets on the door: £20