Emilia Nurmukhamet

Emilia Nurmukhamet (she/her)


BIO: Emilia Nurmukhamet is a Tatar multidisciplinary artist and creative facilitator, based in London. She is the co-founder and co-artistic director of Bold Mellon Collective. Emilia’s practice is rooted in encouraging play, authenticity and mess – rejecting ‘polished’ and ‘finished’ performances and art work. Emilia is passionate about reconceptualising and celebrating migrant and queer narratives through documentary style performance and visual practices.
‘Annie sits on chairs and then Laura joins them’


FROM THE ARTIST: ‘Annie sits on chairs and then Laura joins them’ in a very silly, light and messy documentary style photography project. My intention was to capture seemingly insignificant moments with people that you love. There was no plan for these photographs to ever make it to a gallery space. But here they are, blurry iphone quality pics, assembled together in an insta-like grid, creating a little story. A story about the joy (and sometimes annoyance, and sometimes refusal and surprise) in finding random, abandoned chairs on the streets while on the way to somewhere doing something and having to stop to take one little snap. To create a sense of limitations, I suppose. Limitations, consistency and a game. Letting go of the idea of the final product, letting go of wanting every work that I make to be perfect, every relationship that I am in to be perfect, letting go of adjusting and comparing. Instead, welcoming wonder about us, about moments when we ‘stop’ and meet again, about the everyday mundane snippets that add up to an array of continuous flame of love, appreciation and queer joy.’

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