Dot Alma

Our father (figure), who art in Heaven (nightclub)

Why do people feel such a deep connection to George Michael, and how does this queer our quasi religious relationships with our icons? Welcome to Our Father (figure) Who art in Heaven (Nightclub). Part sound piece, part shrine, and with integrated audio description, take a little time to have faith…


Image Descriptions:

Rhinestoned Flamingo

An a shelf, upon plastic palm leaves, sit a rhinestoned plastic flamingo, A George Michael (or maybe Princess Diana…) style wig, sunglasses, a dolls house size guitar, a small book, a plastic pineapple, all surrounded by fairylights. Either side is framed by glowing electric candles, and the back wall is lined in deep red satin textured fabric.

Our George

A close up of a rectangular sterling silver icon. The metal is gently etched with decoration of leaves, and looks faded in parts. It has a look of catholicism about it – but peering closer, it is not Christ that has a halo, but George, with the sharp dark brown goatee beard and square sunglasses of his late 90s era.

Freedom Banner

A banner hangs against a wall covered in rich red fabric. It’s on thick, light brown cloth, cut roughly at the edges, wisps of thread hanging on there. It’s long and rectangular – the words ‘Freedom’ is printed in black, repeated 6 times vertically. The font is capitalized and bold, and the first word has a defiant exclamation mark .As it journeys down the banner, the text appears patcher, and at the bottom, a pink triangle.

Entrance to the Shrine

A dark wooden door creaks open to reveal the dimly lit shrine

Door Shrine

On the shelf of a dark wooden door, an altar – George Michael mementos of a saint candle, drinks coasters, a CD, the silver icon, a pop art plate, electric candles, surrounded by fairy lights.

An Echo of dykes

Against a red fabric draped wall, on a shelf, sits a large poster in a golden rhinestoned frame. On a blue background, a black illustration of George michael. The outline of his figure is rhinestoned, the signature decoration of drag. A black and white photo of Georgous Michael is in the top left of the frame. The photo is cut in a rippling shape, the iridescent rhinestones surrounding it echoing the rhinestones of the larger illustration of George Michael. Letting to the left (in gold rhinestones, of course) is the word faith. Below, in glittering silver rhinestones, a hand written sentence spells out ‘an Echo Of Dykes’.

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