Dear Annie

Dear Annie (they/them) 


BIO: Dear Annie is a queer, trans interdisciplinary artist and healthcare worker who uses dance, music and spoken word to weave binary-melting stories with autobiographical beginnings. Across their work they seek to provocatively trouble ‘normal’ to nourish an acceptance of ‘difference’. Alongside performing internationally within contemporary dance and physical theatre, they make music and co-run an independent record label – Mud Summons Records. Mutually supportive of their art practice, they are training as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist, using movement to support self-expression. Dance has been pivotal in exploring and celebrating their gender, playing with various expressions of what it is to be a storied body. 


‘Fertile Tension’ 

FROM THE ARTIST: ‘This is a film for trans rights, trans joy, rage, care, grit, glamour and mess. Within academia and within the media, transness is often sought to be defined, or ‘figured out’, largely in relation to – or from – the cisgender imaginative. This is a film that affirms complexity, beginning with transness as an unarguable and polymorphic home-base, a starting point without the need of a fixing finish line. The research project that resulted in this film took a desire-centred stance, asking ‘what do you/I/we want’ instead of a limiting and reductive focus on a frequently imposed binary of distress/resilience. There are so many trans voices and intersectionally located perspectives that this film doesn’t and can’t touch, it is just a drop in the ocean, and in itself, is full to the brim.’


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