Daisy Blower

Daisy Blower


BIO: Daisy Blower is a queer artist who makes miniature sculptures that reject the heteronormative dollhouses of our childhood and explore queerness in spaces: the real and the imagined. They are drawn to the stories you can find amongst clutter and she really plays with this idea in their work, leaving clues and questions in with the gunk. Daisy Blower lives and works in London. They have exhibited their models widely, including Precarious, Colchester (2023), Queer Art(ists) Now, London (2022), Façade, London (2022) and Persona, London, (2021) and shares their latest work at queer art markets throughout the year.


‘Ruby Rare’ 

FROM THE ARTIST: This sculpture literally oozes queerness. It’s an eruption of queer sexual freedom; celebrating queer sex and sexuality in all its gunky glory. It rejects the heteronormative dollhouse of our childhood and builds a sexy, lubey fairy https://stanleyarts.org/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=artistscastle of queer dreams in its place. The bedroom sits on top of a precarious tower of oozy goo, a fleshy queer body with creases and crevices. We are sexy and beautiful. It’s that feeling of being on cloud 9 being surrounded by queerness and acceptance, people feeling themselves and accepting you with open arms. It makes you smile because it’s infectious.’ 


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