Corinne (they/them) 


BIO: I’m a queer disabled self-portrait artist. My photographic depictions are created within the same 2 by 1.5 metre space; my bed. This year marks my fifth year of spending almost every day confined here. My work’s a form of therapy to ease my ongoing struggles with severe mental illness. 


‘A Bedtime Story #23’ 

FROM THE ARTIST: The ‘Fairy Door’ on my body depicts paper ‘Fairy Doors’ I often made as a child. Through these portals I would escape my traumatic childhood and enter Daisyland. A Queer Utopia myself and my only childhood and imaginary friend named Daisy (she/her) created. Daisyland was the only place where I could be openly queer and this experience filled me with queer joy. During my teenage years, as I endured years of bullying, I would often think of Daisyland as a place where my queerness, gender fluidity and disability were celebrated and not discriminated against. The use of insects and flowers within this self-portrait depict my longing to escape my confinement to bed and be within nature.’ 


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