Volunteer Call-Out: Citizen Researchers

Want to have your say on protecting the buildings of Croydon? Stanley Arts is looking for volunteers to become Citizen Researchers and give feedback on the sites in Croydon and what they mean to you.


To raise awareness of buildings at risk, and spark conversations between Croydon’s Council and its community, we want to platform the knowledge and experience of Croydon’s citizens.

We will give you training on how to assess buildings in your area and collect your feedback to inform future projects. Help to identify elements of Croydon’s environment that need to be protected.

Join our Citizen Researcher Team!


We will have 5 workshops between February – October, to make this accessible, we will offer a choice of dates and times for each. These sessions will include:

  • Training on how to survey the conditions of buildings & best practice for preserving buildings
  • Opportunities to collaborate on creating a toolkit for assessing buildings in Croydon
  • Discussions on which buildings will benefit the most from this research
  • Group outreach sessions to administer condition surveys of buildings
  • Presenting the results of the condition surveys to Historic England

We will be holding an introductory session on Thursday 27th of February at 6.30pm and Sunday 3rd of March at 3.30pm

Where: Stanley Arts, 12 South Norwood Hill, SE25 6AB

Room: Living Room

Join us for a full outline of the project, to get to know the Stanley Arts building, and share what makes Croydon special to you.

You can still join the volunteer team even if you are unable to join this first session.

Interested? Please register your interest here or email yasmin@stanleyarts.org for more information or if you are unable to join the first sessions.


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