Playground Tours 2023

Back in the beginning of July, ourselves and The Place received funding as part of NPO to bring Playground Tours to young people in the local community.


Performances took place at Legacy Youth Centre & South Norwood Primary School and featured work by BirdGang Ltd, Daryl & Co and Mimbre. The grown-ups enjoyed it just as much as the little ones did and we can’t wait to continue to build from this wonderful occasion!

This Playground Tour included two short pieces, which together, made a 50-minute show which could be performed twice in one day. The pieces are made by professional artists selected by a group of UK dance producers. About the performances that featured…

Look Mum, No Hands…playground edition!
By Daryl & Co and Mimbre.
Look Mum, No Hands… playground edition! is a tender tale of friendship and growing up. It explores a coming-of-age story about two friends testing their own boundaries. Together they explore freedom, taking risks and independence. They see how those things change, depending on who you are.

By BirdGang Ltd.
A Hip-Hop dance adventure where two friends need your help! Join in with the dancers and get the chance to finish telling their story in this interactive and lively show. BOOK FOR SHORTS promises to engage and inspire them through this unforgettable experience!

Each piece was approx. 20 minutes and was followed by a Q&A with the students. The full show will last approximately 50 minutes.

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