Invention Points

Throughout the three years there will be regular pop-up Invention Points, starting in October 2021 with the very first Invention Point to be held at the Clocktower Market.

Invention points might be a workshop or a lecture, the performance of a piece of music or the sharing of spoken word. They will be a chance for you to meet with a local artist or craft-person who is involved in creative invention, and perhaps a chance to try your hand at a bit of creativity yourself.

The Invention Points will also be a chance to hear more about other parts of both the Culture Programme and the main programme of capital investment on the High Street so its an ideal chance for you to come and hear more.

How you can get involved

Are you interested in technology and event management? We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help with filming and taking pictures of the work people produce at each Invention Point. Training will be provided so no previous experience required. Email us if interested at .

Hosting an Invention Point

Anyone can host an Invention Point and we will be funding a few of them throughout the programme.  Alongside showcasing creativity, each Invention Point will need to produce something that can be archived within the South Norwood Invention Archive. Our team is available with technical equipment to assist in any filming, photography and cataloguing. 

if you are a local artist/craft person or a local venue in South Norwood and would like to run your own pop-up Invention Point in the future with support from the ‘Inventing South Norwood’ programme then drop us a line on

Invention Point – 2021 Schedule

The first Invention Point is at the Clocktower Market on 8th October and will feature Beth Mander, local pottery expert, demonstrating her craft and giving people a chance to get involved, more information can be found on the event page.

We will be hosting another two workshops in the Clocktower Market on 13th November and 14th December from 10am to 4pm. We are still taking submissions from interested artists. If you are interested in hosting a workshop at these events at the Clockwork Market please submit your interest ASAP to Norman at

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