Inventing South Norwood’s New Website | Zine Release and more!

We’ve got plenty of reasons to celebrate today! It would have been local composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor 147th birthday – to mark the occasion we’ve launched our brand new website and zine, titled “The Mysterious Doors of Stanley Halls!”

Inspired by the history of invention in our local area, it draws on the personal history of our most famous inventors and creative artists. The story is a fun, visually imaginative exploration of 200 years of history; from Victorian Canals to modern day musical icons!

We are also very excited to be launching a 2nd round of grant scheme to enable people inspired by South Norwood’s history of creativity and invention to make their own community event or activity in 2022. The deadline for applications is the 9th of September at 23:59.

The activities could be anything from a guided walk or talk, to a musical performance or a spoken word evening. There are few limits, the activities need to be inspired by South Norwood tradition of invention and creativity, where it be new music, new imagery, a new building or new ideas. So whether you are inspired by Samuel Coleridge Taylor, William Stanley or Stormzy – visit the website to find out more!

More information can be found here on how to apply!

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