CREW (CRoydon Emerging Writers) is a peer-led writers group that is open to all. CREW was founded in order to bring together both aspiring and experienced writers alike, to allow them to collaborate, gain feedback on their work, and talk in a safe and non-judgemental space with other like-minded creatives.

All CREW projects have been hosted at Stanley Arts over the past two years, making it part of the Stanley fabric – but due to Covid, CREW has only just been able to restart as a programme in October 2021. But now it’s back!

This writing group supports all forms of written creativity – novelists, playwrights, poets and more are all welcome. CREW is a space to meet other writers, learn, share and collaborate. And it’s free!

CREW meet regularly, with fortnightly meetings every other Tuesday – this is the perfect set up in order to allow writers to progress with their work. The group allows each writer to take action on the feedback and ideas they’ve discussed with their writing peers. CREW involves lots of discussing, brainstorming, writing, and more…

The CREW programme is un-ticketed and free, but writers do need to be invited in order to join the group. If you’re interested, please email

More Details (from initial meeting on 19/10/2021)

The three main types of evenings we will host:

  • Sharing Evenings (Where people share their work and get feedback)
  • Half Sharing and Half Exercises (Sharing plus some in the moment exercises)
  • Workshops (Where external specialists come in to the group)

Though people don’t have to attend every session it was agreed that we are looking for commitment from participants. To encourage this the people sharing their work on a session will be organised in person at the previous session of CREW, as will any exercises.


The writing exercises will be set by different members of CREW; some in person, and some pre-prepared. If exercises need pre-prepared work from members then they will be sent out to the rest of CREW at least a week in advance of the session.

Exercise ideas:

  • Different points of view. “The moaning exercise”
  • Different ‘person’ – 1st, 2nd, 3rd person
  • Imagine your in a place – see people a distance, physical differences
  • Items in your pocket
  • Objects
  • Reading materials – short stories / poems
  • Changing formats


You have to be physically present the session before to claim your slot the following session if you want to share your own work.

 If you want to pre-shared text prior to the session this must be sent to the group a week in advance.

In terms of sharing in the room, different materials are best shared in different ways:

– plays, scripts, dialogue – ideally member would not be read their own work but
get other crew members to read

– poetry – better to perform yourself

– prose – better to send in advance for people to read before

Framework for feedback in the room

  • Clarifying questions about things people didn’t understand
  • What if? Leading questions
  • Sharing favourite thing
  • Things that the piece reminds the audience of 
  • Additional input / questions as requested by the writer


The delivery of workshops with external professionals is subject to funding but it might be good to look at workshops as follows:

  • Workshops with actors.
  • Narrative workshop.
  • Character workshop.
  • Writing for film.
  • Writing for radio.
  • Structuring a joke.
  • Writing for continuing drama. 

Deadlines & Dates

A date to aim for would help focus minds in the group. For this next phase of CREW we are working up to a sharing in April and September. This would be just like other sharing session but we would invite friends and family.

The following dates were fixed:

5 April 2022 – Private sharing (invitation only)

6 September 2022 – Public sharing


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