CREW (Croydon Emerging Writers) is a peer-led writers group, open to all.

CREW was founded to bring together both aspiring and experienced writers alike, to develop writing skills, learn, practice, share work, gain feedback, and talk through ideas in a non-judgemental space with other Croydon and South London creatives.

The group supports all forms of written creativity – playwrights, poets, novelists, and more: All are welcome. CREW is a space to meet other writers, to learn, share and collaborate. And it’s free!

CREW meets fortnightly: every-other Tuesday evening. The majority of the group meet at Stanley Arts, but there’s also the opportunity ‘Zoom-in’, for anyone unable to make it in-person.

Our sessions are a mix of facilitated workshops and peer-led sessions. Often, CREW writers discover a new idea or get inspiration through a facilitated workshop, and then use the peer-led sessions to continue developing that idea or approach.

At facilitated workshops, a guest writer may lead the group through writing exercises, or guided activities to inspire new ideas or generate material. A one-off session with a facilitator may help you explore a different style/genre, or experiment with new ways of working. Previous CREW facilitators included: Davinia Hamilton, Keith Jarrett, Katy Schutte, and Jennifer Farmer.
Peer-led sessions usually consist of free-writing time, or focussed independent (‘pomodoro’-style) co-working. We often share writing exercises we’ve enjoyed, and talk through our writing goals. We share inspirations, frustrations, and any exciting opportunities we may come across. Regular CREW-members occasionally read and offer constructive feedback on each other’s work (we encourage participants to attend a few times, before bringing in work for peer-feedback).
Writers are encouraged to attend both facilitated and peer-led sessions to become part of a friendly community of mutually supportive local writers.

CREW 2024

In 2024, we’re working towards a public sharing of work in late November. All returning members of CREW will have the opportunity to be involved in the public sharing (but no one is obliged to!). The more sessions you attend, the more opportunity you’ll have to help shape the format of the sharing, to gain the feedback you want, and showcase your work to a wider audience.

To receive regular updates and join upcoming sessions, please email, to introduce yourself. You may like to tell us what kind of thing you write (or what you’d like to write!), and why you’d like to be part of a local writers group.

NB: This is not an “application” process. Writers of all levels of experience are welcome (including none!) – it’s just so existing group members have an idea of who’s interested in attending, and when to expect you.

Please also fill out this anonymous monitoring form.

All CREW writing sessions are un-ticketed, free, and open to all local writers.

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