Bold Mellon Collective

Queer Joy: in Conversation. Wonderfully not what we expected.


A multi-media project, with film by Emilia Nurmukhamet and Dear Annie and photography by Tainted Saint and Venus Raven.

A multimedia docu-style art project by Bold Mellon Collective. A unique blend of film, audio, digital and instant photography that breaks the fourth wall and interrogates queer joy as a concept and as an experience. Emilia Nurmukhamet, Dear Annie, Tainted Saint (Amy-Rose Edlyn) and Venus Raven capture Asifa Lahore, Charlie Wood, Claudia Coelho and Toni Murphy through multiple lenses as they discuss their personal experiences of queer joy.

Sometimes it feels like queer joy just isn’t something that is tangible…more like an ethereal distant memory that hasn’t happened…yet. On a gloomy bank holiday weekend, 8 queer creatives gathered for a photoshoot and a chat about…you guessed it…queer joy. Together, they discuss the complexities of queer joy and the affecting experiences of different spaces, places and people. ‘Wonderfully, not what we expected’ by Emilia Nurmukhamet and Dear Annie and print and instant photography by Tainted Saint and Venus raven is a multi-layered project that captures the process of experiencing queer joy by simply existing, creatively and authentically in a queer space.

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