Anaïs Lalange (she/her)


BIO: I accidentally started making masks during my years training and performing as a professional wrestler, lucha libre style. I now make masks independently from wrestling and enjoy staging photographs with them. They have become a way to react to the world around me, a location, a person, a mood. By masking someone a certain way, I

feel like I get to reveal something I would not otherwise get, reach a layer of intimacy or strange or even silly, surreal, sensual. I invite you into my visions of a world that does not always have to make sense, where what becomes important is the presence it conferes to someone or how their interaction gets highlighted, other possibilities are readily available. Sometimes it also is about twisting situations on their head too and looking at another definition of how we can stand together. I would like to offer visions that are free from society’s rules on how we should be.